About Me

I have started making dog collars in March, 2016 after I wasn´t happy with the fact that some pretty custom collars I wanted for my dogs wasn´t available in my home country. My dear friend encouraged me to try and sew them by myself.

Since I have never sew before, and had no clue about anything connected with sewing, sewing machines or how to thread a needle, I had a ruff start. So, learning and figuring everything on my own was pretty hard at first, but my passion and my stubbornness brought me where I am today.

BashTo Collars a one-person business, and I am a sole producer.
The idea was to create a dog collars that will be highest quality and yet really beautiful, and to give as many space for the customer to create a collar he/she wants. I deeply care about my customers, even more then I care for myself. Your happiness and satisfaction is the most important to me.

I am born Croatian that move to Germany with my family in October, 2017. I have three kids, amazing husband and I am Basenji breeder. At the moment I am working a part time job besides making collars so that´s why my processing time is longer then I would wanted. My family helps when and where they can and I am so grateful to have them.

In Croatian language "BashTo" means „Exactly That“ pointing out the benefit of you creating a collar you want (and of course the collar I am capable of making)